Source code for ejpiaj.core

import requests
import six

from .registry import get_variables_extractor, get_assertion

[docs]def test_request(request, variables): method = getattr(requests, request['method'].lower()) url = _vars(request['url'], variables) url_params = None failed_assertions = [] passed_assertions = [] local_variables = {} valid = True # headers with applied variables headers = _vars(request.get('headers', None), variables) # url params with applied variables url_params = _vars(request.get('url_params', None), variables) # form params with applied variables form_params = _vars(request.get('form_params', None), variables) # create body data for POST and PUT body = None if request['method'].lower() in ['post', 'put']: if form_params: body = form_params else: body = request.get('body', None) response = method(url, params=url_params, data=body, headers=headers) # extract variables from response using registered extractors if request.get('variables', None): for extractor_name, params in request.get('variables').items(): extractor = get_variables_extractor(extractor_name) extractor_variables = extractor(response, params) variables.update(extractor_variables) local_variables.update(extractor_variables) # test assertions using registered extractors if request.get('assertions', None): for extractor_name, assertions in request.get('assertions').items(): extractor = get_variables_extractor(extractor_name) for assertion in assertions: assertion = _vars(assertion, variables) if assertion.count(' '): variable, term = assertion.split(' ', 1) else: variable = assertion value = extractor(response, {variable: 'result'}) assertion_result = check_assertion(term, value['result']) if assertion_result: passed_assertions.append(assertion) else: failed_assertions.append(assertion) valid = False return { 'passed_assertions': passed_assertions, 'failed_assertions': failed_assertions, 'variables': local_variables, 'valid': valid, 'response': response, 'content': response.content, }
def _vars(obj, variables): """Set variables in parameters values or body data at . Use {{variable_name}} without spaces f.i. in test.yml: request_1: variables: json: key: as_name request_2: url_params param: {{as_name}} """ if not obj: return if isinstance(obj, dict): for key, value in obj.items(): for var_name, var_value in variables.items(): if var_value is not None: if isinstance(var_value, int): var_value = str(var_value) if isinstance(var_value, str): var_value = six.u(var_value) value = value.replace( '{{%s}}' % var_name, var_value ) obj[key] = value if isinstance(obj, str): for name, value in variables.items(): if value is not None: obj = obj.replace('{{%s}}' % name, str(value)) return obj
[docs]def check_assertion(expression, value): if expression.count(' '): assertion_keyword, params = expression.split(' ', 1) return get_assertion(assertion_keyword)(value, params) else: assertion_keyword = expression return get_assertion(assertion_keyword)(value)